Dr. Ajit Maan, Founder and CEO of Narrative Strategies, specializes in Narrative Warfare and Strategic Influence in large-scale conflict. 

She holds a Professorship Global Security, Center for the Future of War, and serves on the Brain Trust of the Weaponized Narrative Initiative, at Arizona State University. She is also an adjunct Professor, at Joint Special Operations University, a training program for U.S. Special Operations Forces.

Dr. Maan is the author of several books including Narrative Warfare, Plato’s Fear, and Counter-Terrorism: Narrative Strategies. She is also a Columnist for Homeland Security Today.

In addition to her column “Narrative and National Security” in Homeland Security Today, Dr. Maan’s articles have appeared in Special Operations Forces News, Foreign Policy, Real Clear Defense, The Strategy Bridge, Small Wars Journal, Defense and Intelligence Norway, Stars and Strips, The Indian Defense Review, The Indian Military Review, and other policy and military strategy journals world-wide.

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