June 3 – October 7

Eisentrager-Howard Gallery

120 Richards Hall
Lincoln, NE

Top: Beauty and the Beast Storyboard Illustration, 1990 by Kelly Asbury, graphite on paper

Bottom: The Dark Crystal Storyboard Illustration, c.1979 by Mike Ploog, pencil and charcoal on paper


Memorable scenes and sets in a film do not occur by happenstance. Talented individuals constantly work away from the camera to ensure a successful movie. The storyboard artist plays a central role in the preproduction of a film by visualizing, conceptualizing, and augmenting the written words of the script.

The storyboard owes its beginnings to the Sunday newspaper comics; Disney developed its more sophisticated form in the 1930s. Storyboards are a vital blueprint in filmmaking. The storyboard artist organizes scenes, camera angles, lighting, props, and costumes so the entire production team knows what is expected of them.

Storyboard artists’ strength comes from their ability to storytell and communicate, to translate the script’s ideas and emotions into a consistent visual reality. The end product results in superb and impactful visuals shown to audiences worldwide.