Narrative Strategies, LLC is proud to announce the addition of Felicia Weston to our Team.

“Felicia tops her field as a seasoned and aggressive warrior in the ever-evolving theater of Narrative Warfare. As a Team Member of Narrative Strategies, Felicia will join a group of professionals who work sometimes overtly and oftentimes behind the scene, protecting and securing the interests of our country and our client,” said Dr. Ajit Maan, CEO of Narrative Strategies.

The study of Influence was central to Felicia’s work as a USAF combat correspondent. Deployed as a one-stop-production-shop, she supported Special Operations Initiatives, Joint Service Operations, and NATO Training Command with campaign design and execution. Felicia took field driven experience into the classroom, challenging and proving with scientific rigor methodologies first crafted in areas of conflict. After 21 years of military service, Felicia is transitioning from service member to working scholar, now focused to facilitate and coordinate a whole-of-society response to the cognitive threat from narrative warfare. She is currently engaged with stakeholders to strengthen cognitive weaknesses and effectively counter malign influence campaigns through the coordinated crafting and employment of more powerful identify based narratives.

“I get the honor of working with and learning from some of the most effective professionals across my field. Ultimately, I see joining Narrative Strategies as the sustaining platform I need to work on the expanding needs of the growing Influence Operations enterprise and to escalate the fight for a whole-of-society response to malign influence campaigns and the effects of cognitive warfare on society,” Felicia said.