Narrative Strategies Ink

The Publishing Arm of Narrative Strategies, LLC.

Narrative Strategies Ink fills a unique space in the publishing industry, providing academic and military authors with peer assessment and quality assurance from the world's leading specialists in Narrative Warfare, as well as unrivaled publishing speed and flexibility. 

If you are interested in publishing with us, please email our director, Paula Marchesini, Ph.D., by clicking here.

We consider unsolicited manuscripts. Only works that are complete and ready to be reviewed by the Narrative Strategies Ink team of scholars and editors will be considered for publication.  

You can expect to hear back from us in up to 10 business days. We respond to all inquiries. 

Our contracts with authors are unique to each project, as each author has different needs and a different vision for their work. 

In any case, we provide the following benefits to all of our authors:

1) Review by the world's leading Narrative Warfare scholars and practitioners. This is not a double-blind peer review but instead responsibly accelerated turnaround quality assurance. With the Narrative Strategies Ink stamp, readers know that your book has passed the highest quality assurance by our subject matter experts in the disciplines of narrative and conflict and that we believe your book has the potential to deeply impact the world. 

2) After substantive review and revision, we finalize editing and formatting for print and/or e-book format.

3) Once the manuscript is ready for publication, we distribute it in all major book and e-book platforms, worldwide. 

4) Unlike traditional publishing firms, we do not strand the author to potential book profits. We understand that in the modern world of online marketing, social media, and e-books, your book may take time to find disparate audiences. We will stand by the book whether it receives a modest readership or becomes a worldwide bestseller.  

Flexibility, speed, and the backing of internationally recognized subject matter experts are what drives Narrative Strategy Ink's success.

We want to hear your story.